Episode 3: Public Art & History with Darwin Rodriguez

45 minutes

Episode 3: One of the reasons why we created this podcast was to uplift the stories and work of Dominicans who are doing some great work here in Florida. People who might be thought of as working behind the scenes but whose efforts are having a great impact.

One of those folks here in Miami is Darwin Rodriguez. Darwin is a public historian and arts educator that believes in breaking down barriers that often separate communities.

A former Miami Dade County public school teacher, he is currently a lead teaching artist at the Perez Art Museum (PAMM) and an adjunct history professor at Florida International University FIU). His scholarship has focused on mass genocide around the world, as well as how the Atlantic Slave Trade is taught in the contemporary American History classroom.

We sat down with Darwin to talk about his journey from Washington Heights to Miami, his role as an educator at one of the nation’s most influential art museums and his efforts to break down the walls that often separate Black and Latinx youth from the art world.  

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