Episode 5: Gabriela De Jesus Looks to Navigate Past Florida’s Political Trucos

34 minutes

With Election Day less than a week away, we continue on the politics theme, introducing you to a young woman looking to make waves in Florida Politics and flip a seat blue in Florida’s State House of Representatives.  

Gabriela “Gaby” DeJesus was born in PR and grew up in Santo Domingo, the child of Puerto Rican and Dominican parents before settling in Miami via a brief stop in NYC. Her dreams of being the next hot shot chef were derailed by an accident that left her not just changing careers, but also wanting to change lives. What followed was Master’s degree at FIU and helping to create the school’s graduate school Puerto Rican Association in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  

Now she’s looking to take that a no-nonsense mix of data and grassroots advocacy to Tallahassee and take on an incumbent that has his sights set on the Florida Speakership.  

We sit down and talk to Gaby about what’s it like balancing her two cultures when people and the media often expect you to choose, what she’s learned early on about this side of the political process and how her love of cooking and food is a potential gamechanger on the campaign trail.   

---------------------------------- WHERE YOU CAN FIND GABY

Website: https://www.gaby2020.com/


Twitter: @Gaby_2020FL

IG: @Gaby_2020FL

#electwomen #latinopower @gaby2020 #PlatanoPolitcs


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